Choose a Playlist Pitch Plan that Works for You

We secure placements on your behalf in some of the most active Spotify playlists, thus growing your organic reach. We work with many Genres and have connections with several Playlist Networks to ensure placement. Playlists are the way to go in order to compete and achieve organic algorithmic visibility (ex. Radio and Discover Weekly).

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you think your music is good, we can help you take off after our A&R review!

Why Us

Over the past several years, Sound Elect (recently re-branded) has built a large network of connections and relationships to help artists quickly and easily reach the ears of the playlist curators. We work with hundreds of curators to ensure your music is heard and placed into active Spotify playlists.

We’ve helped a small portion of artists take off on the algorithmic Radio and Discover Weekly, thus being picked up by Spotify editorial. This can be you, with the right music and timing!

Submission & Review

After selecting your Playlist Pitching package above, your music will enter the review process with our A&R where we determine how to effectively fulfill your campaign, and if your music makes the cut. 

Genre-specific Pitching

At this stage we analyze your music and then pitch it to genre-specific playlists within our network and partner networks. This can be the most time consuming aspect, but is key for targeting.

Playlist Placements

The part you are waiting for! When we get to this stage in the campaign, we will send direct links to every playlist you’ve been added to.

Campaign Completion

To finish up, we will guide you on how to see the playlist data on your Spotify for Artists hub, if you’re a new artist and unsure how.

Re-Up Options

If you are happy with your results, you can pitch the track for another round at a discount. Or, start a brand new campaign with a fresh track.

Insider Promo

For repeat customers, we will be offering insider promotion that many of our record label clientele utilize.

Become an expert

Results will be seen! Sound Elect will ensure you are in the know, we will guide you on the timeline and expectations of your campaign. We will ensure you see the plays begin to roll in prior to campaign completion in the Playlists tab. Spotify for Artists is a fantastic tool for both indie and major label artists.


Are there higher tier options?

Yes! We do have higher priced and further reaching follower based playlists that we can discuss in private: email.

How often can I use the service?

Playlist Pitching for Spotify playlists can only be used on one track at a time. You are free to check out our other services if you want to extend your promotion efforts.

How long will a campaign take to start seeing results?

Generally, a campign will be revieved by A&R and assigned a genre-specific identifier if approved. This usually takes 1-2 days. Getting your track in playlists via pitching can take another 2-3 days. Finally, results will begin showing in Spotify for Artists within 2-4 days.

In total: 5-9 days until results are visible, however, steady flow will continue once placed.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch if you have a question in relation to our services. You can ask us to listen to your track prior to release as well!